About us


We offer reliable, fast, high-quality customer-oriented services – on a fair price.

Full service – from development to production up to the delivery.


Company history:


Azimex Ltd, established in 1997, is a Hungarian private enterprise. The company’s main profile is the manufacture of paper and printed matter goods with its own in-house equipment, and the sales and delivery of said goods.


At the beginning we mostly dealt with the retail of office paper (copy paper, fanfold paper), but shortly after we have started to manufacture our own products, and nowadays our own goods make up more than 90% of our total sales.


Our current facilities enable us the production of the following:

Printed and unprinted fanfold paper, fax paper, ribbons (for cash registers), thermo-rolls (for banks), photo paper, wire transfer checks, bills, stubs, financial, ‘strict statement’ and other printed matter, stick-on labels and cardboard boxes.

Thanks to our high-output machines, we are able to manufacture high volumes of standard – or, in smaller numbers, individual or even unique printed matters – efficiently and at low cost.


Thanks to our continuous investments over the years (after acquiring machines capable of producing stick-on labels, cardboard and press-glued muster boxes), we are now present in the packaging business as well.        


With our own products and our additional services we supply and serve all kinds of businesses, from retailers, through wholesalers, stationer’s stores, resellers, multinational companies, market chains to individual customers. We distribute our goods on-site or via door-to-door delivery.


As mentioned above, our company re-invested much of its profits into keeping our facilities up to date. Due to that, Azimex Ltd. owns its own production plant and machines, and uses modern technology to manufacture its goods – which then gets delivered swiftly to our domestic or foreign customers.

All our paper and printed goods are manufactured using raw materials from Germany and Finland.


Our company is ISO 9001:2000 certified.


The wide variety of the company’s machines, our 15-year-old market presence and the combined experience and teamwork of our great staff enables us to satisfy our customers’ every need with regards to printed goods.


Our company’s main strength is flexibility. Considering today’s fast-paced world, we have adapted to the challenges of the current day ’time constraints’. Since Azimex is a mid-sized company, it can react quickly to all customer requests, from the production phase all through to delivery.


Our goal is, to offer our retail and individual partners high-quality, domestically-produced printed goods on competitive prices, while offering up to par sales and logistical services at the same time.


We thank you kindly for your attention.

We do hope, that, finding our introduction sympathetic, You will become, from an enquirer one of our customers.