Trade, Logistics

Logistics and Delivery


In order to maintain continuous production we keep a considerable amount of raw materials in stock at our site. In case of standard products, delivery is followed ASAP after orders arrive. We also maintain high on-site stock levels of printed goods in order to satisfy the needs of our multinational and wholesale clients.


Our own fleet of delivery trucks ensures high flexibility, and is capable of forwarding goods all throughout the country. Delivery in Hungary is absolutely free of charge!


We have also introduced a collect-pickup delivery system to ensure shorter shipping intervals.



Sales of printed goods,


We sell our printed goods to retailers, wholesalers and resellers using our own sales management system. We offer our wholesale clients the following benefits: in-house finished goods stock, high-turnover and refund bonuses, reduced wholesale price rates, delayed payment and goods on reduced prices. 


Benefits to our retail clients and stationer’s stores: continuous, weekly polling of needs and order management via phone, set-day deliveries of printed matter and office paper supplies, priority shipping, seasonal finished goods sales, sms-sales.


To our clients, we mainly sell our own brand name printed matter (DOCU FORM; see also the ‘Printed Matter’ option, found in the ‘Products’ section) and the office paper products on sale are also manufactured on-site. Nevertheless, we also deal in all finished goods available on the market.