Continous forms

Fanfold paper production:

  • Clear, or pre-printed by individual design
    • With 1-5 colors
    • From 1-8 issues


Raw material:

  • normal
  • chemical IDEM paper
  • digitally printable OCR
  • white or laced
  • paper with different weight-types (weight/m2)



  • Crimping or multiflex stitching of multi-issue fanfold paper
  • Standard or individual perforation (even by 1 inch margins)
  • Perforation for lacing
  • Neutralization (of IDEM overwriting)
  • Numbering
  • Barcoding (OCR – duplicated and/or multi-positioning)
  • Security items



standard and individual packaging, boxing, labeling


In detail:


To use:

In case of high-volume, high capacity printing needs, such as book keeping, billing, data storage and archives.



Copy/overwriting capability: 5 years

Readability: 25 years