The main characteristics of our brand-name product DocuForm:

  • Microperforation

Easy to tack apart, no tears and no sound, looks as if cut

  • Lace-punched

Maximum comfort

  • Tear-out liner

Which can be used as an ordering form as well

  • Secure binding

Bound tightly and secure from the first page to the last to withstand even heavy-duty strain

  • Overwriting (IDEM) paper

High-quality German material, with a guaranteed lifespan of ten years assures clean and flawless overwriting capabilities

  • Printed matter design

We design our goods along the lines of state regulations, and assure high quality

  • Layout

Uniform, modern look, practical packaging and a lot of product information assures clarity at storage

  • Assured Quality

DocuForm printed matter products stand for highest quality and usability. By proper use and storage, we practically never receive any customer complaints at all




Standard Printed Matter:


Printed matter for financial, business, medical, labor safety, book-keeping, agricultural and other needs:

Delivery note, proof of receipt, holiday permit, bill of freight, traveling warrant, CMR, return and expense voucher, attendance register, register for fire safety and labor security training…

Strict statement prints:

Cash and wire-transfer check block, vouchers


Unique prints:


Individually personalized prints:

Recorded delivery, cash transfer order, wire transfer order,

Blocks of individual contents, design and sizes:

Package inserts for drugs

Company prints:

Maintenance slips, work notes, warranty booklets, stationary, prints for internal use, envelopes, fliers, directions for use…



  • in blocks
  • stitched
  • sheet
  • fan-folded
  • glued in set or in blocks



  • numbered
  • lace-punched
  • neutralized (no overwriting)
  • bar-coded
  • folded
  • micro-perforated


Raw materials:

  • Normal
  • chemical-IDEM (overwriting)
  • white or laced
  • different weight (g/m2)



Normal and individual, as ordered; shrink-wrapped units, labeled